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2016 online dating ru

At the same time, Medvedev thinks that has a big plus in the form of its target audience, since the “serious relationship” audience is older and more motivated — and consequently more likely to pay.

The service uses a psychological test developed by Russian psychologists, as well as a mathematical algorithm to select compatible couples who have the potential to develop strong and harmonious relationships.

According to Add Venture’s Maxim Medvedev, the “traditional” model of dating service on the Internet (such as the Loveplanet, Mamba and other websites) is more attractive than sites like Teamo.ru, from an investment point of view.

He sees two reasons for this: first, the subscription model (where the user pays for the service on a monthly basis) is not widely used or popular in Russia, given that Russians are accustomed to paying and for presents or for moving up in rankings; second, in so-called casual dating, users are looking for more brief contacts and constantly returning to the service, unlike on “serious dating” sites, where users find a partner and leave the field.

Unlike other dating sites, provides a niche service for people who are looking for a serious relationship and are willing to pay money to have potential partners selected on the basis of a psychological test.

It was not all their idea, admits CEO Andrei Burin. By the time was launched in 2010, the American site was boasting that, in the past year, it had introduced five percent of all married couples in the United States and Australia.

“In principle, we’re not ruling out new ways of generating income.According to the company’s own data, after a little more than two years in operation, the total was more than 35,000 couples — of whom about 10,000 couples have got married.will not reveal how big the original investment in its project was.“But it soon became clear that the e Harmony business model in its pure form would not work in the Russian dating market.” Thus, made some radical changes to the site’s design and content.For example, unlike its American counterpart, the Russian site now has a section where a psychologist answers questions, as well as its own discussion forum and blog, with dozens of articles about relationships.

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