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Science in China(Series D), 2005, 48 (6):805~814 Meng Xianwei, Liu Yanguang, Du Dewen et al.

Terrestrial flux in sediments from the Okinawa Trough estimated using geochemical compositional data and its response to climate changes over the past 35000a.

Quaternary Sciences, 2011, 31 (2):256~264 Rea D K, Janecek T R.

Mass accumulation rates of the non-authigenic inorganic crystalline(eolian)components from the western Mid-Pacific Mountains.

Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology, 2002, 22 (3):129~135 Kitagawa H, Fukuzawa H, Nakamura T et al.

Sediments from the Core S9 are primarily composed of silt (60% ~90%), with a mean grain size of 5.6~7.2 and a median grain size of 5.2~7.2φ. On preliminary classification of sediments and sedimentary sequence in Okinawa Trough.

Oeanologia et Limnologia Sinica, 1989, 20 (2):113~121 褚智慧, 翦知湣, 乔培军等. 第四纪研究, 2011, 31 (2):256~264Chu Zhihui, Jian Zhimin, Qiao Peijun et al.

Responses of the Sulawesi Sea upper ocean water to the rapid climate changes since the Last Glacial Maximum.

Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, 2006, 195:1~31 Li Tiegang, Xiang Rong, Sun Rongtao et al.

Benthic foraminifera and bottom water evolution in the middle-southern Okinawa Trough during the last 18ka.

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