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Absolute free sex chat room

There is clearly a growing sense of confidence among victims that they will be, at the least, believed by those close to them – even if the prosecution falls by the wayside or lead to minimal sentences.

Shannon Rooney, 18, from Stirlingshire, waived her anonymity to talk about the assault she suffered at school from another pupil.

For them, though, evidence suggests this is not just normal but entirely routine.

Maybe even worse than feeling embarrassed, as an adult, is feeling like a Puritan or a hypocrite, or as if you’re thwarting youth’s natural rite de passage.

Rooney was attacked in a storeroom by a fellow pupil when she was 15.

“I said, ‘No’,” she remembers, “and he pulled me in, shut the door, and started to sexually assault me.” Shannon’s attacker pleaded guilty, but initially received an absolute discharge.

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It seems doubtless to me that the staggering rise in reported sex assaults in primary and secondary schools – more than 5,500 alleged sex assaults, on boys as well as girls, in three years – goes hand-in-hand with the unfettered availability of extremely hardcore pornography to minors.

And needless to say, talking about women like they were sluts, slags and whores was infantile and not the actions of a man.

I have never quite understood the obsession among many rugby teams with dragging each other’s trousers off (and much, much worse) but it will be interesting to see how a glut of criminal proceedings might change locker room traditions.

What we need now in schools is an army of teachers like Goedele Liekens, from the Channel 4 documentary Sex In Class.

He was later put on the sex offenders’ register for a year and given one year’s community service.

Also interesting is how young men are refusing to write off sexual assault by their peers as banter, bullying or gang initiation.

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Or, if they do, it’s uttered merely as a plot point before the eventual: “Yes – and, actually, bring your mates.”Our embarrassment – and it is bloody embarrassing – stops many of us speaking frankly to children about the orgies, forced sex scenarios and numerous porn tropes imprinted on their young mind’s eye.

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