Adult 3somes chat

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Adult 3somes chat

And I dig tattoos : ) I love to dance, express myself creatively, write and read good books as well as watch engaging movies.

I love to learn and intelligence is such a turn on to me : ) I am totally open to and experienced in a wide variety of fetishes : D I have always wanted to take part in an enormous, Roman-style orgy! I've been in 3somes, even 4somes, but would love to have an all out party!

Our members could be your teacher, a college student, your librarian, or even a neighbor in your city.

Members post photos and videos of themselves performing sexual acts with partners or masturbating by themselves.

These real, amateur images are high resolution and may be shocking to you.

Anyway, the girl I was speaking about was and still is a workout partner, and these two guys that she knew came up and talked to her, and she briefly introduced us.

I was single and unattached at the time, and I enjoyed being the center of attention and receiver of a lot of pleasure from two very attractive guys.

Having sex with two very virile and physically fit guys can be VERY messy at the end of the session, so a few towels were a must in my experience! I met a girl in college that I fooled around with a little, and we kept in contact.

At the time I owned an after hours bar in Toronto so after a night of merryment, we did last call 5 am and kicked everybody out.

We asked "call her kate" to stay and i put a futon matress on the pool table, lit some candles and put a few cds on.

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Considering I have never had such an opportunity, what were some of the positives and negatives of your experience. i look at it this way i have enough troubles pleasing one women let alone 2 so ya i like to disappoint my women one at a time, plus then if they aren't together there is no witnesses... OK at the risk of self deprication Ill share a sad funny story.