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However, I do know that some porn sites do accept American Express.I remember one in particular that somehow lost privileges with Visa and Mastercard (that's not a good sign) and would only take Am EX.Am EX also charges a higher fee to the merchant so they may reluctant to accept it for that reason.OTOH, Am EX may have some crazy rule that I don't know about.I have a Woo Commerce site and a HTML landing page that is based on a code from the Woo Commerce site.In the Woo Commerce site, I have implemented the option to checkout directly from the product page, and skipping the cart using the plugin "Pay Pal Express Checkout for Woo Commerce". I have a draft that I can show you, although I still need a day or so to finish it before you can start your work.

Need help with Adult webcam sites accept american express? Do you specialise in Adult webcam sites accept american express?Don't worry if you've left cyberhome without your American Express card when you head to that adult Web site.A spokeswoman for the credit card company said the policy went into affect at the beginning of the month and that they have just begun the process of notifying their merchant clients. based on about of year's worth of work we've done with this industry," said American Express spokeswoman Joanne Fisher.That was several years ago though and things might have changes.I do know that CC processing with Am EX is fundamentally different than with Visa and Mastercard.

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