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Dunbar glances down at a scrap of paper in his hand.

The blue-eyed officer, LIEUTENANT ELGIN, and Dunbar meet at the doorway.

But we do see that the first surgeon has succeeded in getting the man's boot off.

We cannot see the patient stretched out on the table. A solitary officer is standing a few feet behind him.

He is an army lifer passed over too many times for promotion and right now does not look like a well man.

Their brief respite is interrupted by the sound of a muffled scream. We hold on one man, an enlisted soldier, SERGEANT PEPPER. He stares thoughtfully at something in the distance. O.) The strangeness of this life cannot be measured. FAMBROUGH'S OFFICE - DAY Sitting behind the desk, holding a set of orders is MAJOR FAMBROUGH. PEPPER General's come up to see the show but all he knows is there ain't no show... Again he digs his heels into the buckskin's flanks and they fly down the line. A few are able to get off a hasty shot, but they're all too late. BATTLEFIELD - DAY Dunbar swerves in a little closer to the wall as he approaches the other half of the confederate ranks. Tucker has just reached the side of Ray the sharpshooter. BATTLEFIELD - DAY The union trooper who fired the fatal shot gets up from a kneeling position and scrambles after some of his comrades. UNION WALL - DAY With his aides coming behind, General Tide leaps his horse over the wall at a dead run. BATTLEFIELD - DAY The union troops have the rebels in full flight, chasing them into the woods beyond the field. The sergeant nods at the distant hill and Dunbar looks too. There is rifle fire in the distance but otherwise everything is still. His rider lies on the ground, a foot hooked in one stirrup.

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