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Chatroulettefor gilrs

The Budist system is simple: People sign up for a time slot to be woken up, in five minute increments, and altruistic callers sign up on the page pictured above to wake one of them up.

When I took the screenshot above, not too many people were waiting to be woken, but you can see that there are two free wakeup slots at .

The main welcome screen looks like this, with some happy boilerplate from the Budista founder, and four helpful prompts to start new users off.

The only one of those I actually understand is is the bit about published conversations.

In that sense, it’s only a step above Chatroulette as far as interactions are concerned, but it’s still a bit jarring.It’s all in Russian, but thankfully Google Translate can work through most stuff. The signup sheets weren’t so easily translated, but thankfully they’re pretty much the same everywhere.For some reason I signed up as “Ted,” don’t ask me why.The alarm setup system is kinda finicky, but it’s super straightforward.I wasn’t sure how someone would actually call my American cell phone, but when I set up my profile it automatically gave me a cell number field formatted for an American phone, so I figured it would work out.

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Actually, now that I think about it, Budist profiles are extremely bare bones, with just names, birthdays, genders, and photos.