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I felt so down on myself, I gave up on camming for about 6 months. I would be homeless if I was at MFC however on live Jasmin if i work 8 hours I spent 30 in free chat and the rest in private or a group show. Nope speak for yourself, Im a bbw as well and sometimes the hustle of one site might be easier for you as a individual then it would be at another. I believe she was giving her opinion (as was asked by the OP).

Im a missionary of our church back home, and dont like people who swear, smoke and drink only ocassionaly . I have a cute face, nice tits, and a cute bubble butt. I lost one tonight because I told him I was tired of him asking me to do stuff since he never takes me to private. All the thin chicks are getting the traffic (to be expected, of course), and I end up feeling like a blob. I just got a faster speed and I'm getting more traffic in my room since I did so, that would be the first thing I would look into. But then I had a couple of down nights, and I started reading more posts to pass the time. Aside from the drawbacks like haters (especially under the guise of a guest name) constantly calling me fatty, whale, asking if I sit around and eat bacon all day (actually training for a 5k so, uh, no), and telling me they're scarred for life, most of the men who come into my room love bigger women and love me. I've just begun and I'm already tired of my NONPAYING regulars. I'm not heinous and wouldn't have pursued this job if men IRL didn't always tell me they love my eyes, my body, etc. feel free to pm me if you'd like whats your internet speed? I thought I was the shit - I made over 0 in five nights. Both project fantasy and erotic imagery through the media of their day.Both are vehicles of gender politics, defining standards of beauty and sexuality.

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I get that there are things to do and not to do in free chat, but how do I get more traffic in my room? check your internet speed- wanna look at your upload speed- is it more then at least 1MG per minute? 99% of the time you need some extra light, try it, you will see how much better it makes your skin look...