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In many species, the female may produce from 200 to 600 eggs, while in others, the number may approach 30,000 eggs in one day.

The caterpillars hatching from these eggs can cause damage to large quantities of crops.

The larvae are commonly called caterpillars, and are completely different from their adult moth or butterfly forms, having a cylindrical body with a well-developed head, mandible mouth parts, three pairs of thoracic legs and from none up to five pairs of prolegs.

As they grow, these larvae change in appearance, going through a series of stages called instars.

The Lepidoptera show many variations of the basic body structure that have evolved to gain advantages in lifestyle and distribution.

Recent estimates suggest the order may have more species than earlier thought, Lepidopteran species are characterized by more than three derived features, some of the most apparent being the scales covering their bodies and wings, and a proboscis.

Accordingly, this is the most recognized and popular of insect orders with many people involved in the observation, study, collection, rearing of, and commerce in these insects.

The larva of Zenodochium coccivorella is an internal parasite of the coccid Kermes species.

Many species have been recorded as breeding in natural materials or refuse such as owl pellets, bat caves, honeycombs or diseased fruit.

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Among the most northern dwelling species of butterflies and moths is the Arctic Apollo (Parnassius arcticus), which is found in the Arctic Circle in northeastern Yakutia, at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level.

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