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Of course, masturbation only provides a temporary 'fix' or escape.To really make your life more fulfilling, you need to address your real needs. Are some of the above needs not being met adequately?You don't have to 'cure masturbation', as some may even be healthy, but if you feel it takes up way too much of your time and focus then consciously start to set limits.If you currently masturbate every day, then start cutting down by a day per fortnight.But if they begin to masturbate less, they have more time (and possibly more confidence as they appreciate their new self-mastery) to spend on connecting to other people. Certainly look at the unmet needs in your life (that masturbation has possibly been trying ineffectively to meet for you), but also look at diminishing the actual behaviour itself more directly.So what practical steps can you take to start masturbating less?Actively taking steps to fill up your time may also be a way of diminishing boredom or loneliness, which may have been contributing factors to the excessive masturbation in the first place.

(I'm not sure what would have been worse: the electric shock or the embarrassment! "Actually, no mental or physical health problems have been discovered as connected to frequent masturbation (apart from the obvious risk of soreness).

Talking of numbers: there are only a certain number of hours in the day...

Unless we are truly deranged, we need private opportunity to masturbate.

It's as if I can't have an erotic thought or even a stressful situation without feeling I have to go masturbate!

"Rather hoping he wasn't having an erotic thought or feeling too stressed, I considered how attitudes to masturbation have changed.

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Fill your time with situations in which masturbation would end up as local newspaper material.

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