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For here are the beginnings of a positive commitment to female eroticism, as something powerful and autonomous, which is shared by heterosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals – and which transcends all such definitions, robbing them of meaning except as barricades thrown up in defense of patriarchy.

If the political significance of this could be seized, then femininity could be taken out of its straight jacket and celebrated rather than shunned.

Sexual liberation is not the same as women’s liberation.

In fact, sexual liberation has often been actively anti-feminist and detrimental to women’s rights.

It would be what women wanted it to be, not what men decreed.

Whether women should, or could, derive any pleasure from having sex, was hotly debated by Victorian medics and philanthropists; women’s experience – of course – would have varied.Then, you can send private messages or arrange a date all without swapping phone numbers.“Once you became matched with someone, there was no pressure to do or say anything,” Mosser says.We also got some exclusive looks as to what they were working on as well as songs that hadn't been released yet.Can't wait for TWRP, NSP, and Starbomb to be back in Maryland.

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