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Sean 'th15' Chan12-02-08 qrp I've got a new game is a game about daydreaming in class about girls.Hope the message of the game resonates with the rest of the guys out there. Sean 'th15' Chan09-02-08 More BSF on the net Wheee, more articles about Battleships Forever: Gamasutra Gamedev Eurogamer Jayisgames The Encounter Maker is taking a little longer, having some trouble with the file format.

Think everything that makes Battleships Forever, Battleships Forever and multiply that by ten. But not an absurd amount of time, Battleships Forever isn't exactly the most complex game ever.

Sean 'th15' Chan31-03-09 NUD v0.08 Rebalanced the game completely, again. Sean 'th15' Chan09-02-09 NUD update Small update for NUD.

Re-did all the balancing to encourage more variety in building. Get it here Also, please don't try to submit NUD highscores with old versions of the game, it won't work.

Abductroids Play it here Sean 'th15' Chan01-09-10 New Forums! Sean 'th15' Chan01-04-10 AVG False Positive AVG is detecting Game Maker executables (i.e. This is a false positive, AVG has managed to screw up again. I expect Yoyogames (the company that made Game Maker) will get AVG to reverse this soon, I will update when they've done that. Go here Sean 'th15' Chan31-01-09 Battleships Forever ever Here it is peeps! Mainly exploit fixes and statistics display that gives you the information you need to perfect your maze. Sean 'th15' Chan25-01-09 Escapist Indie Dev Showcase Woot, Battleships Forever will be going up on Escapist Magazine's Indie Developer showcase later this week, take a look at it here.

Added tutorial text messages and did up the website for the game. 'th15' Chan25-01-09 NUD again More NUD for the NUDheads.

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Download Now Sean 'th15' Chan02-01-09 NUD, a Tower Defence game I've been working on this over the past week, it's still a long way from completion but I'm putting up so you guys can see what I'm up to.

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