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Sex dates without payments in maseru

Chinese and, reportedly, Nigerian organized crime rings, however, acquire some Basotho victims while transporting foreign victims through Lesotho to Johannesburg.The Government of Lesotho does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.Some Basotho men who migrate voluntarily, though illegally, to South Africa to work in agriculture and mining become victims of forced labor; many work for weeks or months without pay, with their employer turning them over to authorities to be deported for immigration violations just before their promised pay day.There is evidence that Basotho residents in South Africa return to Lesotho as labor recruiters for farms in South Africa.

In Maseru District, the government convicted at least one trafficking offender under the Sexual Offenses Act, sentencing him to 15 years' imprisonment for raping his domestic worker, whom he had also assaulted with a pick axe and failed to pay during her eight months' employment.

Protection Through its passage of the 2011 anti-trafficking act, the government increased its capacity to protect victims of trafficking over the last year by requiring the establishment of care centers throughout the country and granting new rights to trafficking victims.

The act requires such centers to offer accommodation, health care, counseling, and rehabilitation services, as well as temporary basic material support for the care of child victims and reintegration of adult victims into their families.

The government did not provide data on investigations, prosecutions, convictions, or sentences of public officials complicit in human trafficking, though there was no evidence of government involvement in or tolerance of trafficking on a local or institutional level.

In 2010, the LMPS provided training on trafficking definitions and basic victim identification to some of its officers.

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Still without such centers, the government partnered with NGO-run care centers to provide victims with assistance; of the seven victims NGOs provided services to during the reporting period, the CGPU referred four.