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Be sure to evaluate a given set of search results before deciding it's spam.

There's nothing wrong with people using any of these keywords in entries: this is a list that's intended to help you find blackhat SEO journals, not a list of things that are automatically blackhat SEO if they appear in a journal.

Rather, the guidelines are in place, and enforced, for the sole purpose of helping make #Philosophy worthy of its name.

We have visitors who discuss topics which are not idea-oriented, some who trivialize good topics, some who are simply thoughtless and oblivious to what a philosophy channel should be, and some who join for no other reason than to disrupt.

Once your nickname is changed, he/she is left with nothing to find you …..

#Philosophy; The Undernet channel for civil discussion of philosophical Ideas Our goal is to deliver the best possible IRC philosophy.

In that case, you can just exchange the Pollen Nicknames (PNs) and chat anonymously. This is how, you start conversation even without telling your name.If you find a keyword that turns up more than two or three spam journals, add it to the list.To avoid giving search engine cred to spammers, do not add URLs. If there's a particular URL that's being spammed with multiple keywords or phrases, and you can't find a short phrase that will reliably find them (ie, the URL is the only means of identifying that particular blackhat SEO campaign), then post about it (members-locked) to .G-2 Some unproductive and/or destructive methods of discourse: G-3 Please respect the purpose of this philosophy channel.There are other channels for discussing astrology, the paranormal, pseudoscience, sex, spirituality or religion.

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It is perhaps true philosophy is broad enough to encompass any thought and all manner of expression.

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