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Two way adult webcamming

But it was falling apart (the pvc was flaking off) so this is probably going to be the last time it gets used.However, I did “sluttify” it a bit, by making the front of it open, and adding blue and white lace trim which I already had.

I then turned my attention to making a few new bits to go with my purple latex catsuit, but that itself started to evolve into a Cheshire Cat outfit, so it went from a simple project to a much more involved one.Mainly I do need to get these two DVDs out the door, becuase they’ve been looming over my head, sucking up space on my computers too. You know, sometimes you just don’t feel like it, and this week I really didn’t.The thing is, I have no idea when inspiration will strike, and sometimes I worry that maybe I won’t ever be inspired to do shoots again.Damn, I want to punch people who say that in the face.Anyway, after I got “Down the Rabbit Hole” out, I had a little party at my studio, and took several days to recover from that.

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Add some white posterboard squares to my black back wall of my studio, and instant Alice in Wonderland shoot!