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However, the Sweetie 1.0 project was limited in scale because it was operated by humans.

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By providing more clarity on the legal status of Sweetie, either through legislation, or by testing its legality in court, the proper balance can be found between protecting children and the rights of potential suspects.” The report also examines the legality of Sweetie 2.0 from an entrapment perspective and stipulates conditions under which the “chatbot” must operate to maintain legitimacy.

For issues relating to jurisdiction itself the report finds significant differences between countries in terms of investigative powers and suggests that Sweetie be used mainly in a domestic context and that non-national cases are handed over to local law enforcement in the relevant jurisdiction. project, the findings of the report could mean shifting the focus of their operation to countries practicing common law, i.e. "It is obvious that Sweetie cannot be used in countries such as The Netherlands given the limited mandate of the Dutch police to tackle sexual exploitation of children on the internet.

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The use of an artificial intelligence like Sweetie does raise serious legal questions and an intrinsic part of the Sweetie 2.0 project is an examination of the issues around the use of the “chatbot” from a legal perspective. commissioned a report by legal experts of the law departments of Leiden and Tilburg Universities, The Netherlands, to this end.

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