Alexander enberg dating

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Alexander enberg dating

Once Kim and Tuvok get back partial power, they determine that a dampening field caused the power drain.Meanwhile, Paris is attacked by an alien in the holodeck, and Chakotay encounters one in the corridor.The pilot of the friendly ship, Emck, informs Janeway that thousands of the alien ships are ahead, but he can lead Voyager through a spatial vortex that will take them to the other side of the expanse unharmed.In return, he wants the alien they have in sickbay.

As he is beamed back, the night alien pleads with Janeway to help them close the vortex and protect their space.

When Voyager detects the approaching Borg, Seven discovers that One's cranial implants created a secondary transceiver to signal them.

Janeway and Seven have no choice but to describe to One the Collective's destructive mentality and explain that with his technology, the Borg would be even more dangerous.

His connection with the Collective is dampened, and Seven attempts a neural interface to give him instructions. Because a neural link is too dangerous, the drone, who chooses "One" as his designation, uses Borg data nodes to assimilate information.

He quickly absorbs knowledge of the ship's systems and begins expressing curiosity about the Borg.

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