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Are drew barrymore and ellen page dating

As Page notes, "The relationships I've had with my girlfriends are so powerful and meaningful. In fact, Shawkat was hanging out with her in London."I love Drew.She looks like she'd be a lot of fun to hang out with. It's much more flattering to her.[quote]If you look at the pics at [R73]'s link, Drew has Ellen's hand/s in a stranglehold with Drew's hand in the aggressive position on top.Just try to keep up: MC: Drew, after an entire life spent in the business, when did you know you wanted to take the directing plunge? That's when I turned in my first script to my godfather. EP: I just got a Smart Car, and the very first night we all went out in it to see Cat Power. GO BEHIND THE SCENES OF DREW AND ELLEN'S PHOTOSHOOTMC: Ellen, you're a newbie at some of this stuff—is it more fun to do a big photo shoot like ours with Drew, who has so many more of these under her belt? I didn't really play dress up when I was a kid, and I'm really T-shirt and jeans-y.[That would be Steven Spielberg, folks.] He called it , it was also about a mother-daughter relationship. I wanted to give Drew a ride, but it's so small, I was going to put her in the trunk—but there were too many paparazzi outside. Let me just divert them away from you guys, get out, and I'll take the hit and grab a cab."EP: I felt so bad. The only problem is I've been on the freeway and felt like I was going to be blown away like a Tim Hortons coffee cup, so I may have to upgrade to a Mini Cooper—something a little stronger. But I think I'm getting way better at these things.

I can't believe it, but Ellen looks gorgeous with long hair.Since then she has done a smart mix of box office pleasers (anything with Adam Sandler) and Award worthy fare (Grey Gardens.) Any actress would kill to be in her place. My friend worked on that show, and showed me the continuity pics.'re gonna love the new "Runaways" movie based on the group that Joan Jett was in.Ellen looked on the verge of crying in every pic and I commented on it. Both Kristin Stewart Dakota Fanning are baby butches, despite the makeup and hair.Said friend, "She was crying every single day- Drew was very hard on her (she's a savvy producer, but 1st time directors are a nightmare)- endless takes physically (all the girls do pretty much their own skating and there's a wall devoted to pic of bruises and cuts), endless takes acting, long days, and private berating. That was another tricky production (director-wise: The director they hired is a music video/commercial director, so it's going to look great, but story-wise?? " I suppose I could try, but it's a little late after the fact.What else do I remember from the continuity pics... )Joan (she was one of the producers) was there everyday on set, and treated a lot of the crew to a concert that she was in in L. Drew did give ipods to a lot of the key crew as a wrap gift, but they were all product placement. - Magazine and they all seem to give a different idea about their work on the set.

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Interesting tid-bit in the LA Times with an interview with Ellen re "Whip it!