Block rosetta stone from updating

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Block rosetta stone from updating

We see the dual-ported NVMe market today having artificially inflated costs since volume is just now starting to increase.

Over time, we expect the dual port to become an every unit item (like SAS) with no real price premium, especially since it uses essentially the same silicon as the single port versions.

For storage devices that sit below a file system layer, NVMe F is probably irrelevant.

However, we are certainly looking at ways to interface IME even more closely with physical NVMe devices (IME talks directly to the device, with no additional layer in between) and NVMe F might be an interesting approach for a storage fabric below IME. El Reg: Could we cache inside the existing array controllers to augment existing RAM buffers and so drive up array performance, with flash DIMMs say? Robert Triendl: I would believe that the bottleneck in the controllers is more with processing and software architectures that can use large, multi-core CPUs, than with memory or memory bandwidth.

According to, the National Security Agency (NSA) has been involved in high-profile security incident response and mitigation efforts over the last two years.

During the Federal Cybersecurity Summit last week, Curtis Dukes, deputy national manager of security systems at the NSA stated that all of the security incidents included relatively simple hacking techniques.

Use cases for adoption will vary; for a pure SAN-like fabric routing is less of an issue, but for a larger fabric connecting a large number of servers or VMs this will certainly be important.The NVMe F standard provides a main benefit in traditional large cloud infrastructures that are trying to disaggregate hundreds of individual storage devices with thousands of servers with any-to-any connectivity.In high performance array devices, there is no such requirement, and direct NVMe-connecting (or SAS-connecting) the external devices provides the highest performance at the lowest cost.Interview How does HPC array vendor Data Direct Networks view NVMe drives and NVMe over Fabrics?We are running a series of interviews with vendors as NVMe F is looking increasingly likely to be the future way to access Fibre Channel SAN storage, replacing the current Fibre Channel implementations, either the hardware or the HBA software.

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A few examples of attackers’ simple techniques include spear phishing (emails or other forms of communication that seek to steal data or passwords, or infect with malware), watering hole attacks (selectively infecting targeted websites with malware in order to infect victims), and USB drive delivery (malware infection).

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