Carbon 14 dating stone

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Carbon 14 dating stone

Just like butchers today, skinning and cleaning of all the meat that we eat is needed.The chopping tool helped assist hunters gather the meat, especially from large animals that were hard to carry back to the location they were staying at, and make it edible for them to consume.Many of the thick sharp pieces were used as small knives to do very light cutting tasks.The flakes were a very important part of everyday life just like the chopping tool.The use of the chopping tool varied from place to place just like any other archaeological artifact.

The flakes that were chipped off the soft rock did not go to waste.

Both pieces were used in everyday life to help with survival.

The idea of the chopping tool spread from people to people throughout the land.

Anything that requires a knife today could have been replaced with a chopping tool.

They were also used to help assist the maker in cutting the meat of the animals.

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