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& clearly, with the support of my family & friends, & really just through word of mouth, here I am, living my dream!

I mean, not as a “Youtube superstar” haha, but I mean, being able to meet & work with these wonderful & talented singer/songwriters that I’ve watched & was [& still am! C: Well, you can probably see me next on a You Tube video! Other than that, I have a few shows lined up for the next couple of months.

I like his voice and who sounds like Norah Jones and his best hopefully not boyfriend..

But so far, this girl have caught my attention and I almost kicked Ryan when he told me he will use the PC and I had to stop watching for awhile.

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I used to blab on a private journal [a big black notebook] but I've gotten tired of keeping everything to myself. If you don't appreciate bluntness and occasional mushiness, get the hell out of my site! So I am forcing myself not to blog about American Idol. Riley and Aidan (boy-girl) and the ever adorable Peyton and Brennan (identical boys). I woke up today and listened to the giggling and laughing and Anyway, trainer Anne and I had a brief facebook chat session earlier this morning and she pointed out that she's in-love with this Gabe Bondoc.

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   So, all together, it might sound like "Nwen" now, but a real  Vietnamese speaker will hear the difference, and respect your  effort and attention to the subtleties of the language.