Christian boys dating mormon girls

Posted by / 02-Jan-2015 20:14

Our relationship has taken off due to so many spiritual similarities between us. There's one problem, she's a Mormon and I'm Christian.

Yes, I would say you do have a "much deeper problem." I will try to say this as delicately but as firmly as I can: I'm not sure which is the "deeper problem" that you a Christian are dating a Mormon or that you a Christian find "many spiritual similarities" with a Mormon.

Although your site has helped tremendously, I have a much deeper problem.

I've been dating a girl for the past couple months and everything has been going great.

I guess I'd just like some insight on the situation, and a recommendation on how I should go about convincing her of the Trinity (and eventually the fallibility of the Book of Mormon) .You might be able to evade the differences now but eventually they will start to haunt you.If you are finding "many spiritual similarities" between the two of you then that tells me one of two things: 1.I have always viewed Mormonism as a cult, but have tried to keep an open mind by weighing her views with the Bible.I'm struggling with whether their beliefs are acceptable for salvation or not.

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I will say this, I would strongly advice you two to work something out long before you start talking marriage.