Customer configuration updating

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When checked, Allow Partial Payment permits customers to pay a partial amount against a selected invoice.If unchecked, the whole invoice amounts must be paid for selected invoices.Product software vendors do not invest enough effort on release, delivery, deployment, and usage and activa-tion of their software products.Not spending effort on these customer configuration updating processes leads to high overhead per customer, which impedes growth in customer numbers.

Simultaneously, when applied correctly, the presented principles for CCU enable product software vendors to shorten release times, by reduction of release and upgrade costs.If configured, assuming the website is accessible, once you press the OK button, this will ensure the website settings are refreshed automatically.If this setting is not configured, or if the website is inaccessible, configuration settings may be manually refreshed using the URL If checked, Override default 'from' address for specific emails (marker 2) will use the specified email addresses for those features.Product software development is the activity of development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in packaged configurations of software components or software-based services that are released for and traded in a specific market \cite.An increasingly important part of product software development is Customer Configuration Updating (CCU). Product software vendors encounter particular problems when trying to improve these processes, because vendors have to deal with multiple revisions, variable features, different deployment environments and architectures, different customers, different distribution media, and dependencies on external products.

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The survey was held in the Netherlands, and 74 software vendors responded.

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