Dating a man from saudi arabia

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Dating a man from saudi arabia

Also, as you say it would be difficult upon meeting him to have a discussion about his personal beliefs and convictions that would be totally reliable.

Unlike the men I normally date, he wasn't being at all pushy though.That country had a culture with views about the role and behaviour of women that would be more conservative than Australian views although not enormously so.That country's culture would be positively shining with enlightenment compared to Saudi culture.My friend's parents came to Australia a couple of decades prior to me knowing them.The father was an academic and in theory was quite the enlightened liberal new age man.

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But he just said it the same way you'd say you were from Sacramento or something. Points in his favor would be if he came over here at a younger age, or if he is an atheist or from a family or area in Saudi Arabia that is less religious or more progressive, or he is is not a Sunni/Wahhabist.

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