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Often I am met with strange looks or people who just ignore me. It is not a marriage proposal or an invitation to sleep with me, it is just a conversation!Why have Vancouver singles gotten so rigid and down right cold?I am asked this all the time, “Why is dating or even basic socializing so hard?” Personally as someone who has a tendency to talk to anyone I can’t understand it, but that does not mean that everyone talks back.

The grocery lineup or any place you have to cue up and wait for awhile, what else do you have to do? Seriously no need for come on lines and women can usually spot them a mile away.A few years ago I asked him why American men were so much better at socializing.He told me that there was a plethora of available men in the states, so if they saw someone they were interested in they had to act fast or there would be 30 others there in a flash.🙂 Vancouver men say “Vancouver women are unapproachable”, that may be true of some women but not the majority.Honestly most Vancouver women want men to make that first move, hey the Americans are cleaning up, so it must work.

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