Dating dad full custody

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Dating dad full custody

Many people make the automatic assumption that women are more nurturing as parents than men. Just take a look at all the nostalgia for “the good old days,” comprised of the idea of a nuclear family, complete with the Ward Cleaver-esque father heading off to work while June stays home to care for the house and the kids.In a world where women comprise 47% of the total labor force in the US (as per the US Department of Labor), it seems pretty safe to assume that men and women work roughly the same amount of jobs. However, our culture has shifted and changed, and that highly specialized view of the ideal family just doesn’t suit anymore.Chief among them: Because that’s the way it’s always been.Traditionally, men worked and women stayed home to raise children.According to, in 2011, 18.3% of fathers had primary physical custody, up from 6.1% in 1993.That is a massive jump in numbers, to be certain, yet the stereotype that men who do not have their children all the time are not equal to the men who do persists.

I realize there is a whole other side of this argument, from a female perspective.Although that is less frequently the case these days, there is still a bias toward women in child custody cases.From a biological perspective, we are more inclined to think of the mother-child relationship than the father-child relationship.In the end, I was lucky I was able to have my sons every weekend and have dinner with them during the week.My agreement is seen as a victory even by my attorney’s standards.

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Add to it the growing number of stay-at-home fathers and it’s pretty clear: men and women can both be caring and nurturing parents. Then, there is this idea that women are better nurturers than men, ergo, better parents.

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