Dating food products

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Cans can also swell if the product has been stored in a location with a very high temperature.

Even more alarming, swelling can be a sign of botulism -- a potentially fatal muscle-paralyzing disease caused by a toxin made by a bacterium, Clostridium botulinum.

"The 'Born On' date is the exact day the beer was packaged and helps ensure great tasting beer."Earlier I mentioned how it's best to have a degree in mathematics to understand certain product dating. Note: For year coding, 8=1998; 9=1999; 0=2000; 1=2001; 2=2002, etc.

I went to bed hungry, but the dinner did make a good bone for my dog.

Although you should buy the product before the "sell by" date, it will still be edible beyond this date as long as it was stored properly.

For example, milk might lose quality after the "sell by" date, but it should still be good 7 days past the date. The product will be at its peak quality and taste until this date.

Some products even use what is called a Julian Date, which is perfectly understandable as long as you're a mathematician. In other words, almost all food dating relates to the quality of the product, not its safety."The quality characteristics of foods (taste, aroma and appearance -- as distinct from safety characteristics) often depend in great part on good storage conditions: temperature and humidity control in the retail store and warehouse," Herndon said.

Although 20 states do have regulations concerning product dating, most dates are only guidelines and strictly advisory in nature.

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This means that every consumer should have a basic understanding of food product dating and safety."First, consumers need to understand that overall, when manufacturers set their shelf life for products, they are being fairly conservative in the dating," said Martin Bucknavage, Food Safety Expert at the Department of Food Science at Penn State University.