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[Read: 23 tips for dirty talking that will get her in the mood] #8 No post-sex interrogation.

The last thing a woman is expecting after sex is an interrogation session of “was it good for you? She probably just wants to cuddle or lay there for a minute.

Online forums can also give you an insight into what people experienced during their first time having sex, and this will remind you that there’s really nothing to worry about. You want to look like you’re experienced, but never so experienced that you’ve slept with thousands of women before her.

Use this guide on 8 tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro, in case you are totally clueless in that department as well. In terms of oral sex, don’t jump into it full force, since you could hurt her or over-stimulate too fast.

Jumping in too aggressively in an attempt to look like a pro could really make you look like you have no idea what you’re doing.

[Read: 11 sexiest hot spots to kiss on a woman’s body] #7 Refrain from talking too much during sex.

Watching porn is one of the most helpful resources in learning about the ins and outs of sex *pun intended*.

Don’t be offended if she suggests you do something different, since she would know her own body better than any guy ever could.Throwing in a few manly moans is actually welcome, as it shows that you’re into it, but having full-blown conversations during sex will kill the act. ” more than a couple of times during the same position is unwelcome.Going crazy with the moans is also turn-offish, and giving off any impression that you are surprised by any part of the act will blow your cover. It’s perfectly fine to ask if she’s comfortable or if something you are doing feels good, but don’t go overboard.Masturbation, with or without the use of porn, can be extremely helpful in getting you to really know your body.It can also help train you to last longer, even though it isn’t with a real person.

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[Read: How to make sure you’re satisfying her in bed] #9 Have impeccable hygiene.