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3.) Weight: The next most obvious insecurity women have regards their weight.

Women always want to be skinnier; or, no matter how gorgeous they are they always believe that they are overweight; they are constantly looking for the newest fad diet of watermelon only, or high protein low starch, or nothing but raisins and kippers on Tuesdays and Sunday evenings; and so on and so on.

The following two insecurities do make a very small appearance (more of a walk-on than a speaking role): 12.) Money: A few women are, apparently, insecure about how much money they make.

Obviously, like anyone else, they believe that making more money means that they are a better person.

Most women seem to want to be taller, and complain of only being in the low 5’s; 5’ 1’’ to 5’ 5’’ is apparently not tall enough.Women apparently see celebrities with large breasts and want to have large breasts too.Women become insecure when their jerk boyfriends make jokes about them being flat as a board.Think about those tall, long-legged fashion models that apparently all women want to emulate.There is a point, of course though, where a woman becomes too tall – somewhere around 5’ 10” is the limit.

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Besides the insecurities regarding physical appearance listed above, the next most commonly listed securities are about dating: 8.) He will not call me back: A woman, when in a new relationship, is apparently always intent on having the man call her back, and must be reassured by the man that he will in fact call her in order to soothe her anxiety.