Dating ludwig drums by serial when is it ok to start dating after a divorce

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They would definitely create a new/renewed interest in Ludwig and further complicate the the vintage sceene which they're not getting a piece of. In 1971-72 Ludwig also used B & O Badges without Serial Numbers, but this only lasted for a short period of time and when they started back up with the Serial Numbers they had seven digits as opposed to the six they had before the Blank Run.

Also, when Ludwig started rounding off the corners of the B & O Badge (1979) you may find some that appear to have had their corners snipped off, which probably indicates, since some are "snipped off" more than others, that they were doing this manually to utilize existing Stock LVDC Nice imformative post 'ludwigvondrumcrazy'.

Bowtie lugs on sets, bring back the original gold sparkle wrap etc.

Largley unchanged metal snares could be reissued vintage pretty easily with a few original spec parts. Im glad that this thread, which I have been considering for some time, is serving a useful purpose. To add a little more about the Blue & Olive Badge, some of the first installed on Acrolites & Supra-Phonics, which would have been around 1969-1970, were trimmed down to fit Shells already drilled for the older Keystone Badge (hole lower on the Shell.) These trimmed down versions will be missing the bottom portion where one would commonly find the Serial Numbers.

I have read that this happened in 1984 but can’t confirm this since I haven’t worked on enough Drums from that time frame.With that said, the 1988 Catalog image still showed the Blue & Olive with 1994 the first time that the Black & White Badge shows up in their Catalogs…………… the only difference between the two being that the 400 was drilled for ten Lugs and was chrome plated with the 404 getting eight lugs Actually no drum manufacture 'drills' metal they 'punch' the holes out, Ludwig is no exception.Drilling stresses the metal, is costly (bits, clean up etc.) and makes a messy hole that takes another step to clean up. Ludwig made a run of 200 10 lug 404 Acro's, hope you can post a pic.As mentioned, the above opinions are my own and are based on using a Remo Coated Ambassador Batter Head on both the Anondized & Powder Coated 404’s……………………The next image is from 1988 and shows how the shade of the Powder Coating can differ some, which is also true of the Anodized Shells, some could be lighter than others.If trying to determine the age of an Acrolite, or Supra Phonic, by its P-85, Ludwig did add a small rubber Grommet to the threaded part of the Tension Knob in the very early 80’s and switched to the “Chrome Face” P-85 around 1984.

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With that said I have seen “Black Face” P-85’s threaded for Plastic Straps on known original Drums that date after 1984 so this could be a case of Ludwig using both types, Chrome & Black Face, during the same time frame……...........