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Elephant Beach on India’s Andaman Islands was not where I thought I would have to justify my life choices.

I’m not promoting stalking back to verify information – but be a skeptic. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on what you’re looking for, not everyone is using these apps for hookups or dating.

“My husband,” I replied after a while, snapping out of savouring my first-ever snorkelling session.

However, the corollary is also unfortunately true: the same anonymity and privacy that enables people to open up faster and be more honest also enables everyone to exaggerate.

There’s a famous quote that best describes this phenomenon “On the internet you can be literally anything you ever wanted to be – yet you choose to be such a troll? From identity theft, to absolutely fake profiles – people exaggerate and stretch facts.

In fact the networks work only on a cyclic form of growth – more users encourage other users to join, and new users are encouraged by the number of already registered users.

Given the anonymity, privacy and comfort of virtually logging in from anywhere, a lot of people will reveal their true self way more easily than they would in real life.

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While people will appreciate your honesty and confidence, some might be creeped out too soon.