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Dating my omega watch

Here is a picture of a Vintage Omega 601 manual wind movement, the eight digit serial number is below the crown which winds the watch.

The first two numbers are 23, if we cross reference this number against the Vintage Omega Production Calendar listed below we can clearly date this Vintage Omega to the year 1966 when England last won the world cup!

See the Seamaster Photo Gallery for more details on these.

You can access the serial number by removing the back-case.The serial number on most current OMEGA Seamaster models is laser etched in very small type on the back of the lug closest to the 7 o'clock position on the watch.Some newer Titanium models have it on the back of the lug closest to the 11 o'clock position.0=Coaxial, 3=Pro Diver full-size Automatic or GMT Automatic, 4=Pro Diver full size Quartz, 5=Pro Diver mid size Automatic, 6=Pro Diver mid size Quartz, 7=Ladies Auto, 8=Ladies Quartz, 9=Chronograph Automatic Bezel codes are not consistent by color - they vary by model and case material.1=Blue (Steel Pro) OR Gold (Gold Pro) OR Brushed Steel (Titanium Pro Diver), 2=Polished Steel (Steel Pro) OR Gold (Two-Tone Pro) OR Blue (Gold Pro) OR Polished White Gold (white Gold Pro, silver dial limited edition 150th Anniv.

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Up to $20,000 for solid gold versions -- except the Skeleton which reportedly sold for around $44,000.