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Titan Quest was envisioned by game designer Brian Sullivan as a role-playing game set in Ancient Greece similar to Age of Empires.Production began in 2004 after a successful pitch to THQ.Learn more, download the Mac/Win demo or buy the game.

The three-dimensional world is navigated through an overhead third-person view, with the player character being controlled with the mouse through a point-and-click interface, while abilities are mapped to keyboard buttons.

Gold is used with the various shop NPCs in exchange for their services.

After leveling up for the first time, the player can access Masteries, skill tree-based upgrade systems where skill points unlocked upon leveling up can be used to access and boost different skills.

Player characters have multiple equipment slots, which can take armor for limbs and torso, weapons or shields, and accessories that grant passive boons.

Fighting takes the form of real-time hack and slash combat, with players attacking randomly-generated enemies highlighted by the mouse.

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The environment is obscured by a "Fog of War" effect which blacks out unexplored environments on the minimap.