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They where in my opinion 10 times better than any warriors in India, China, or any where else in the world at that time.

The western and eastern Roman empire existed from 27bc-476ad even after being constantly attacked by powerful enemies at their borders. v=4l T8y...yer_detailpage In my opinion the Bronze age R1b S116 and mainly early Iron age R1b S28/U152 Italo Celts where the greatest warriors of their time.

Maciamo(head of Eupedia) just made a thread which shows a map of Italo Celtic Y DNA R1b S116 .

As you can see it dominates western Europe most Italo Celtic R1b S116 spread in the Iron age.

In my opinion early iron age Italo Celtic warriors are the second greatest warriors in history.

The greatest i think where the Roman centurion they dominated much more and had a long lasting empire for about 500 years.

So most of these statues where made to celebrate victories they had over Celts. This was a tradition for Celts naked warrior depictions have been found in Austria dating back 2,800 years.

So it might be a Italo Celtic tradition that started in the Iron age, R1b S28/U152 Urnfield culture.

It was organized they had ranks, the solders where paid, not all the men in the tribe where forced to be warriors, they fought in battle as one unit not 5,000 men going on their own path.

The Celts probably would have conquered most of eastern Europe and much of Italy(which was already Italic).

It was warriors like Celts Romans and Greeks knew that spread R1b S116 and the Italo Celtic language.

proto Germanic Italo Celtic speakers with Y DNA R1b L11/P310 migrated to central Germany from the Steppes(central Russia) first about 5,000 years ago.

The Italo Celts split from Germanics about 4,500ybp in Germany.

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Germans split into R1b S28/U106 and migrated towards Denmark and southern Scandinavia .

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