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is guaranteed with the inventive, pioneering flair and dedication of SICIS.

mosaic wall mural – SICIS Mosaic Byzantine style panel of the 6th century portrait of Justinian’s wife, the Empress Theodora, to compliment the Christian Lacroix furniture collection for Sicis SICIS factory, Ravenna Italy Mosaic artist at SICIS SICIS – Flo 1C – Mosaic Flower Power panel Red and white mosaic floor – SICIS chair – SICIS Chair whose back is a spiral, a whirlwind of light and vibrations, splashes of colour and dazzling lights, recalling Oriental energy.

This pear shaped vessel painted under the glaze with cobalt blue has English silver gilt mounts dating from 1580.

They comprise a neck mount spout cover with chain, a foliate handle mount and rim plus, an inner domed section within the cover.

Adding gilded mounts offered some protection against the porcelain’s fragility while highlighting the esteem in which they were held.SICIS is a factory of artists, mosaic innovators, interior designers and glass makers who research, create, interpret and revitalize.They cater for a diverse range of clients producing monumental murals, bathroom and living space wall panels, mosaic sculptures, mosaic floors/rugs, mosaic jewellry and furnishings.In the 5th – 6th century AD there were notable contributions from the Byzantine rulers and Theodoric, who decorated the holy buildings of Ravenna in glittering mosaics.Basilica of Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy Manufacturing its own “tesserae” directly in Ravenna has given SICIS a lot of flexibility with colour, texture and styles to develop innumerable patterns and palettes in their custom designs of figurative and abstract murals and floors.

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Since its beginning in Ravenna in 1986, SICIS has been on a mission to merge the art of the ancients in the craft of mosaics, with modern industrial techniques.

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