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There have been international efforts since the 1970s to persuade practitioners to abandon FGM.

As a result it has been outlawed or restricted in most of the countries in which it occurs, although the laws are poorly enforced.

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U istraživanju je učestvovalo 169 muškaraca prosečne dobi od 39 godina, kojima su bile pokazane nasumično odabrane fotografije ženskih lica.

The practice is found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and within communities from countries in which FGM is common.

UNICEF estimated in 2016 that 200 million women in 30 countries—27 African countries, Indonesia, Iraqi Kurdistan and Yemen—had undergone the procedures.

In this last procedure (known as infibulation), a small hole is left for the passage of urine and menstrual fluid; the vagina is opened for intercourse and opened further for childbirth.

The practice is rooted in gender inequality, attempts to control women's sexuality, and ideas about purity, modesty and beauty.

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