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Fred would sometimes accompany him out to the hammocks (swampy areas along the creeks out in the woods) where he would set out something sweet to attract the bees.Then they would follow the bees to their hive in a log or tree where his grandpa would smoke them with his smoker in order to capture them. After their marriage December 14, 1910, Wesley and Nellie settled down to raising a family. Fred remembers the Christmas stockings he and Margaret would hang on either side of the fireplace mantel.Wesley tended orange groves and took care of cattle until 1920. They would eagerly look forward to finding the stockings filled with candy on Christmas morning.Fred especially remembers his cousin Glen because the two of them had gotten into the homemade ice cream, eaten too much, and had gotten sick!Fred always remembered the good times he had with Glen that year.Fred and the other school children would usually play during the lunch breaks at school.Other games Fred enjoyed playing as a youth included checkers, which he would often play with his sister Margaret.

He and a friend milked cows in a dairy over in Harbor View. In one instance, Margaret recalls her father being awakened one night as a burglar was attempting to climb from the porch through their second story window. Frank successfully frightened the burglar away by calling out "Mom, hand me the gun! He picked up a large crock pot and threw it down on the burglar, who then became quite irate, accusing B. Margaret loved to read and she would often find herself scaling the ladder to the dusty attic to read the old books stored there.

The figs would be cut and placed up on the tin roof to dry out. Frank enlarged the jewelry store, doubling its size. He was always willing to leave the supper table to help someone. Margaret recalls being frightened as a little girl living above the jewelry store.

Fred and his cousins also visited and played out at a place called ". At this time the family lived in a nice apartment above the jewelry store. There had been several burglaries to the jewelry store below.

He remembers telling people that he would have to wait nine years before he could play ball (softball) with his new brother Tom!

Softball was a favorite sport in school while growing up.

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