Deadline for validating european patent

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In fact, many inventions that are patented in the US are not patented in Europe and thus are freely available and open for use by all in Europe.

However, there are two routes for obtaining patent protection in Europe.After its grant by the EPO (European Patent Office) an EP which indicates Malta as a designated contracting state has to be validated in Malta within specific time limits.Morningside IP is a global leader in EP validation services, providing a high-quality, cost-effective solution for validating granted European patents in all EPO member states.Morningside IP takes care of the entire validation process: preparing the translations of the claims and/or specification according to each designated state’s requirements, instructing our European agents in the relevant countries and coordinating all paperwork and fee payments.Our experienced project managers and IP professionals oversee every step of the process ensuring that all national requirements are completed accurately and by deadline.

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With just one instruction, we can handle the entire EP validation process in multiple countries — allowing you and your outside counsel to focus on substantive work instead.

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