Diary dating dg elizabeth

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Diary dating dg elizabeth

Rossetti divided his attention between painting and poetry for the rest of his life.

Luckily the digitised microfilm which makes up the entire series of naval nurses’ service records can be downloaded free of charge from The National Archives, although they are large downloads.

Regina Cordium or The Queen of Hearts Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) 1860 Red and black chalk on paper, and signed with a monogram 7 3/4 x 7 1/2 inches, 19.5 x 18.5 cm.

All surviving records of women who served as nursing sisters with Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service between 18 are held at The National Archives in class ADM 104.

He was tutored at home in German and read the Bible, Shakespeare, Goethe's , Dickens, and the poetry of Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron.

After leaving school, he apprenticed himself to the historical painter Ford Madox Brown, who later became his closest lifelong friend.

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GRIGOR), Kathleen, 28 March 1893BAMFORD, Edith Margaret, 30 October 1877BARKER, Mabel Johnson, 15th April 1871BARTLETT, Mary, 18 December 1871BATES, Christine Annie BAYLY, Dorothy Muriel, 16 January 1888BEALE, Doris Winifred, 9 August 1889BEARD, Eva Gladys, 11 October 1888BEATTIE, Isabel, 5 November 1861BENNINGTON, Margaret Muriel, 16 April 1878BENNET, Mary Barbara, 28 August 1878BERE, Mabel Charlotte Rosalie, 19 September 1880BERESFORD, Mabel, 14 November 1875BEYER, Minnie Marian, 11 August 1880BISHOP, Eva Doris, 1 August 1899BLACKFORD, Edith May, 17 December 1899BLAKELEY, Grace, 13 December 1899BOURNS, Marion May, BOWLES, Phyllis Amy, 10 February 1887BOWLING, Penelope Mary Hadland, 4 October 1883BOWMAN, Jane Johnston, BOX, Eleanor Jane, 22 January 1886BRYANT, Hilda Mary, 3 February 1883BRYANT, Dorothy Grace, 13 November 1884CAMERON, Mary, 8 October 1881CAMPBELL, Eveline, 1 December 1891CAREY, Margaret Marion, 1 January 1881CAROLIN, Phyllis Gertrude, 16 August 1900CHAPMAN, Doris Mabel CHEETHAM, Ella Kate, 18 October 1885CHEETHAM, Marjorie Florence, 22 November 1895CHILD, Florence Evelyn, 1 August 1883CHILD, Ruby Clulow, 4 April 1890CHIRNSIDE, Alice, 28 December 1878CIRCUITT, Evelyn Gertrude Hermon, February 1878CLANCHY, Teresa Evelyn, 26 November 1897CLARK, Mary Constance, 19 February 1880CLARKE, Charlotte Amy, COLGAN, Nora, COLLETT, Annie, 6 December 1878COLLINGS, Mary C.

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