Did leona lewis dating simon cowell

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She’s in a great mood when we chat – just after the announcement that she’s parting company with Simon Cowell and signed with Island records. It gives me goose-bumps just thinking about it.”Cowell, who was a huge fan of Leona’s from the get-go, posted a statement online, wishing her all the best for her new contract and stating that she “put X Factor on the map”.

But it’s all on very good terms.“I’ve been on the same label for seven years and it just felt like time for a change. Leona has already been in the recording studio, although she’snot sure yet what direction the new record will take, so fans ofher incredible voice will have towait a while longer. Yep, Lewis is following the career paths of idols such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey by having a crack at acting, and she’s rather good in the new musical Walking on Sunshine.

“I’ve done scenes in some music videos where there’s quite a lot of acting involved,” she says.

“But being in a real movie is so different and seeing it in the cinema, on a big screen, is hugely different of course.”Friends and family have also seen the film.

“Usually there’s a lot of pressure on me when I’m doing videos.

I’m very much the main focus, so not having all the pressure was quite nice.”She’s not ruling out leads in the future but much further down the line, when she’s paid her dues. “I don’t want it to be like, ‘Oh, she’s a musician and she’s a bit famous so that’s why she got the part.’ I have friends who are actors.

If you believe rich-list rankings, the 29-year-old X Factor champion – who has shifted nearly 30 million records worldwide – has earned a very impressive £13 million, but ask her about it and she bursts out laughing.“It’s definitely an exaggeration,” she says. ’ But it’s quite funny.”Another misconception Leonais keen to dispel is that she’s a deadly-serious chanteuse.

Leona came along in April 1985 to her mum Maria, a social worker and former ballet teacher, and dad Joe,a youth worker and DJ.She began singing at an early age and was soon enrolled in theatre school and dance classes.The family home was in Islington, with Leona growing up with brothers Bradley and Kyle. “It definitely toughened me up but, being the only girl, I was also very spoiled so I think I got the best of both worlds.”A determined young woman, she quit her performing arts training at the age of 17 to pursue a career in music, working as a receptionist and waitress to pay for studio time.I did dancing when I was younger and I’ve done a little bit on tour, but I wouldn’t call myself a dancer by any means, so it was definitely a challenge.”Having a dancing boyfriend must have helped, surely? “Dennis was so busy when we were filming that he only came and visited me once on set.But I did call him a few times and ask, ‘How on Earth am I going to remember all this stuff?

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She knew Syco would never have let her release these songs."The publicly unnamed album will be available to buy in July and will be her first purely original release since 2012, aside from 2013's Christmas, With Love, which consisted of a compilation of covers and tracks created by Lewis.