Do women play games dating

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What you should do When she behaves like this and refuses to communicate with you, chances are that whatever you did isn’t all that serious.Perhaps you didn’t notice her new earrings or wolfed down the chocolate cake that she had baked from scratch without appreciating and congratulating her for her efforts.

And you tried calling her and even SMS’ed her asking her to get in touch and guess what she didn’t get back.

Give her the space she needs to cool down and use the time trying to figure out where you could have gone wrong.

When she feels ready to talk again she will approach you, glare at you with those big beautiful, make huffing sounds that would make her look all the more desirable.

So instead of asking her again and again about where you went wrong, as this will only make her all the more frosty.

The fact is that if you honestly have no idea where you had slipped you simply cant apologise.

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This way, she'll have no excuse the next time around.