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Egyptian dating sites yahoo eg gmail eg

If a non-Egyptian is found on the coach Star Jet is fined 50,000LE by the Egyptian authorities so they will not give tickets to anyone who cannot prove their Egyptian nationality until the restriction is lifted.For non-Egyptians, the only coach option is to travel from Hurghada to Luxor and then from Luxor to Aswan.Tickets can be purchased at the Al-torjoman bus station from upper Egypt company window."not recommended because the bus arrives to Aswan the next day AM if the driver is fast it arrives at main bus station 3km north of Aswan train station take a taxi for 10LE or shared taxi for 1LE to the town.Aswan (Arabic: أسوان‎ Aswān) is a city in the south of Egypt, some 680km (425 miles) south of Cairo, just below the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser, with a population of 275,000.Aswan is far more relaxed and smaller than Cairo and Luxor.3 class trains (10 LE): , , , , (Mar 2015) The train station is on the northern end of the city center, a few hundred meters inland from the river.

To Luxor (3-4 hours): 1 class / 2 class trains (50 LE / 25 LE): , , , , , , ."8 March 2016" There's another bus come from Suez at and another midnight come from Cairo and both maybe stop in Hurghada to drop off some people (upper Egypt company), the bus is often come crowded and people stand in the bus aisle and it's really impossible to occupy a set buses cost 70LE.Tickets are sold on the bus if you fight well and win a seat, but be sure to ask the price at the ticket office, because the ticket seller on the bus will often raise the price 10LE or so and pocket the excess if he discover that you are a foreigner or non Arabic speaker, take in consider that you maybe wait 2 hours or more before the bus arrive and maybe the bus come full and nobody will drop off in Hurghada so to the driver use Hurghada ring road and avoid Hurghada station.Egypt's passenger train service runs along the Nile between Cairo and Aswan.Travel time from Luxor is around three hours on 1st/2nd class AC services.

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Mini buses depart from outside the station (turn right as you exit the terminal), and there are a number of cafes and basic hotels on the blocks between the station and the river.

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