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Excel application updating

A program, such as MS Excel, run via automation, does not quit even after being told to go away and all references to it are set to 'nothing.' As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2, the Windows Task Manager shows that Excel continues as a process even after the code controlling the automation completes.In addition to using up system resources, it can lead to subsequent problems.

You can find a version of this tip for the older menu interface of Excel here: Turning Off Screen Updating.Also, I now understand late binding, which is a concept I was familiar with, but never had an example to which I could relate. Thank you so much for your very informative article on the difference between early and late binding.I am trying to drive various Excel processes from inside MS Access.For long macros I would advocate displaying a Userform saying "Please Wait" and for very long macros showing a progress bar or percentage complete, and maybe even a "Cancel" button to exit before completion. Confirmed that solution is the step 1 ALL the time working from ACCESS to EXCEL.

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Consequently, the operating system will not end the automated application while the caller is active.

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