Fly fishing dating autism dating tips

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Fly fishing dating

Most anglers fishing the Finger Lakes target trout, salmon, perch, or bass - this makes for some good pike fishing. Large pike - fish over 30" are a cold water species and the best fishing for these fish is from November through May.

Rainbow trout are abundant in Skaneateles Lake and run from around 15" to 20" or more. I typically use flies imitating minnows or crawfish and fish them on intermediate to type IV full sinking lines. Although I enjoy many different kinds of fishing, my favorite way to catch fish is with the fly-rod. The tackle weighs just ounces, the casting is graceful and satisfying and when a fish is hooked the feeling is beyond compare! I have 2 line management devices including a "line tamer" and a custom made LMD designed by Stan Pleskunas who makes these items for noted fly-fishermen like Dan Blanton. I have 2 drift socks and a high powered trolling motor all so you will be able to drift and fish at an effective and comfortable pace.I usually sight-fish them with hookless rope flies.They are a primitive fish dating back in time over 100,000,000 years ago.

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