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Group dating definition

The "dating" starts later only if one of the members like you enough to go out with you.

In other words, those who arrange goukon tend to invite people who can contribute to the party, like fun and handsome people or someone ugly enough to match the other ugly members.

@UCO I googled the meaning of goukon, and the answer was "group dating" usually for single men & women.

For the purposes of section 2 of the Companies Act 1993, in relation to a company, accounting period means a year ending on a balance date of the company, and if as a result of the date of registration of the company or a change of the balance date of the company, the period ending on that date is longer or shorter than a year, that longer or shorter period is an accounting period.

An Administrator can also update information for the Customer, its Branches and for all Users.

This includes direct debit and invoice information as well as access rights to the various websites.

Administrators have advanced access rights to the system and effectively control the way your User IDs operate for your organisation.

For example: Administrators can open, maintain & close Branches and User IDs.

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