Halle berry dating a younger man uoft dating

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Halle berry dating a younger man

This marriage came after first being wed to pro baseball player David Justice in January 1993 before their June 1997 divorce, and singer-songwriter Eric Benét, whom she married in January 2001 and officially split from about two years later..

Theirs appeared to be a pretty traditional celebrity marriage with the exception of one instance in which Martinez came to blows with model Gabriel Aubry, whom Berry was seeing before him and was currently involved with Berry in a custody battle over their daughter.

In one of the last stories I wrote about them, I pointed out that if all of the sources and insiders have so much information about Halle and Gabriel, why didn’t we find out about their breakup when it happened, several months ago?

Anyway, this is just another story based on various bullsh-t insiders, only this time Just two weeks after announcing her breakup from model Gabriel Aubry after four years together, Halle Berry was devastated to discover that he is already moving on.

Gabriel loved Halle, but he probably began thinking the same thing, that this whole deal wasn’t going to last.

I feel so Demi Moore,' a woman posted, in reference to Ms Moore's doomed relationship with fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior when their eight-year relationship crumbled in 2011.

In the spirit of Sex and the City's Samantha Jones (pictured) a woman admitted she is drawn to younger men because they don't require as much commitment and she has 'complete control over the relationship''On his part, it's difficult falling for a woman who's past child-bearing age and then later on realising you do want children after all and it's not possible to have them with her,' Tracey points out.

Halle agreed, and they worked everything out about how they were going to split, and they kept it classy.

And then when their split became public, neither one of them liked the way they were being portrayed, so they started playing games in the media to see who could “win” the breakup.

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The split with ex-husband Olivier Martinez, a French actor, only just happened, and despite their two solid years of marriage and one child together, Berry seems to have already picked herself back up and found another man in 2016.