Interacial dating detroit

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Interacial dating detroit

Coincidentally, the ad debuted just weeks after the "earn you" episode of "Scandal." "As far as we've come in this country, we still have a ways to go," she says.

In some circles, a social assumption exists that if a White man is attracted to a Black woman, a master-and-slave fetish is at work."But it really doesn't do us any service to feel like finally one of our women is taking one of their men.Ultimately, it's still feeding into the perception that this Black woman has to wait for something she may never have." For the small minority of viewers who wonder what "Scandal" would've been like had Fitz been played by a Black actor, such a hypothetical scenario is just that.Perhaps one of the reasons is because the number of pairings between Black women and White men are increasing on television and can be seen on Showtime's "Shameless," "Parenthood" on NBC, HBO's "True Blood" and "The Haves and the Have Nots" on OWN, just to name a few.On one hand, not mentioning race or not making it the focus is progress.

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"It's shocking how recent that was," Thompson says of the case.

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