Intimidating behaviour by neighbours quad cities online dating

Posted by / 24-May-2016 08:43

The Police said the CPS had dropped the charges, so I contacted CPS who told me the Police had not sent the case to them..

I cannot imagine the Police will go and re arrest the neighbour now and decide to charge him after 3 months. If he was on bail or the matter was not at a formal end then it would be charged now. But a three month delay does not mean he won't be charged. I'm happy to discuss this but please remember to click on accept.

On another occasion they deliberately stood in the middle of the driveway so we couldn't get up and then they banged on the car window and said "excuse me! They'll call our land lord over everything, too!

One time, we parked too close to the walkway (About three feet away) and they didn't want to walk around so they told the land lord we were inconveniencing them. We were so nice to them (even invited them over when we first moved in) and just cannot think of why they're so cruel!!

If they cannot do this why are they making out they can.

Do you think I should contact Inspector dealing with this case and ask, what they are playing at? Probably he has not and they are free to charge him.

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They have not charged him as yet, they said they were awaiting medical evidence that my son has permanent sight damage now.