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To keep Lister sane, the ship's computer Holly creates a hologram of his despised bunkmate, Second Technician Arnold J.

Rimmer - the only person annoying enough to make Lister , which evolved from the pregnant cat that got Lister put in suspended animation in the first place.

The character and casting were announced in January 2004 when it was announced that producers were bringing "four new single 'hunks'" into the show, one of them being Carl.

Lister made his first appearance on the show on 6 February 2004.

Obviously Lexi knows that Carl killed his father, but she doesn't know that Chas was the reason. I think rather than being backed into a corner, part of Carl thinks that if Chas has knocked him back, he'll try and do right by Lexi".

Lister told Kris Green of Digital Spy that Carl enters the relationship with the best intentions instead of "wishing he was with Chas all the time" who will always be in the "background".

Lister said that Lexi proposes as she knows "there's something there between Carl and Chas and Lexi's envious of that.

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), the crew of which has been almost completely wiped out by a radiation leak.

One man survives: a chicken-soup-machine repairman from Liverpool named David Lister, preserved because he is confined in the ship's stasis chamber for bringing a pregnant cat on board illegally. The ship's AI, Holly, sets a course out of the solar system, planning to release Lister from stasis once the radiation level drops to safe levels. Lister awakens to the news that Everybody's Dead, Dave.

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The actor said that viewers would be unsure whether Carl would go through with the wedding to Lexi or whether Carl would instead reunite with Chas.

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