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Mahomet dating

It was opened by Dean Mahomet (or Mohamed/Mahomed) from Patna, Bihar, India, via Cork in Ireland.He appreciated the interest in all things Indian and offered a house "for the Nobility and Gentry where they might enjoy the Hookha with real Chilm tobacco and Indian dishes of the highest perfection".Decor was very Colonial, with bamboo chairs and picture-bedecked walls, and it proved to be well received.As with many 'coffee houses', however, it did not serve coffee, but was simply cashing in on a popular name of the time.As the nineteenth century dawned, the only eating establishments offering Indian cuisine were community meeting places for those who had jumped ship in London looking for a new life or, more often, been put ashore without any means of support.Some of these were Vandary (Indian chefs) who jumped ship to seek work in London’s growing restaurant community but not enough to provide any real impetus for the cuisine.

Many of the first Asian arrivals in Britain came as servants to returning East India Company agents.By 1804 the number of lascars in London was quoted as 471 and yet by 1810 it had risen to over 1400, around 130 of which would die each year such was the poor condition of their circumstances.Concern about their plight led to the creation of The Society for the Protection of Asiatic Sailors in 1814 and in 1869 complaint was made to the India Office in London that there were upwards of 400 destitute Asians on the streets.It soon became a kind of community and Indian Student Centre.Indian students in the UK rose from 100 in 1880 to 1800 by 1931.

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